Carmen is the VP of marketing for a fashion lifestyle retailer. Living with her husband J and their 3 children. A sporty, fashion mom, that always knows the latest lifestyle trends. The daughter of a chef, she loves good food and wine. She cleverly edits hers and the children’s wardrobes each season and rotates her home décor to reflect the climate. When she’s not running in the park after her three-year-old, she’s practising barre and perfecting her newly found haircutting skills. 

Where is your home? 

Amsterdam. I was born here, raised in San Diego, studied in Paris, lived in Geneva and back to Amsterdam. 

Describe your home in three words

Spacious, light and loving.

Why did you choose to live there? 

It’s close to the city centre and park, there’s lots of space for the kids, natural light, the garden and a big open plan living, eating, cooking space. The neighbourhood is like village life in a city, we bike most places and everything is on our doorstep. 

Where is a favourite place to be/sit/work/hang out? 

At the window on my laptop or on a sunny day, in the garden.

Describe a daily ritual you perform at home

First is my cappuccino and milk for little one, J feeds the girls, we have breakfast together, showers on rotation and now scheduled drop-offs at school.

What has staying home for the past two months taught you about your space?

This really is a home; we love this space,

What new things do you use your home for now?

It’s been our everything space as you can see from the pictures, office, school, gym, barre studio, playground, tennis court, cinema, the list goes on. 

How have your reorganised your home space through lockdown? 

We have separate desks and zones in the house, J and I sit at different ‘desks’ we’re on back to back calls. Between us we home school the girls, the little one plays and tries to help his big sisters. 

What did you once take for granted about your space that you now greatly appreciate?

The garden, it’s become an extension of our actual living space, we’ve been so lucky with the weather this spring, we’ve spent a lot of time outside. Living in the middle of a city, I appreciate this luxury. 

What will you miss most about your home space once social distancing measures are less restricted? 

Crazy as it sounds, the being together. Taking conference calls with my son on my lap, eating lunch with the girls, sharing our days. I think we all have a new-found respect for what we each day when we leave the house.