Lisa Thompson ~ Founder

Lisa’s love for beautifully designed space started when she was very young, forever
arranging and rearranging her furniture to create just the right feeling. Something shecame to understand as the flow.

It became her true passion after her first visit to the wonder of Harrods in London. Fascinated by the way objects fit into their space and how our interaction with them influences our emotions, our motivations and engagement.

Now with over two decades of visual merchandising and retail marketing know-how, her sixth sense for the use of space has launched dozens of exciting and innovative retail triumphs.

From presenting Nike’s product at the London Olympics to launching Gap’s
flagship store across Europe and Burberry’s cutting-edge advance across the globe. Lisa’s retail career is a shining example of vision, passion and faultless execution.
Dubbed the ‘Retail Rockstar’, and a ‘Visionary Visual Merchandiser’ Lisa is uniquely
talented in the often diametrically opposed skills of strategy and creativity, allowing her to land on unusual yet actionable solutions.

Her luxury brand experience gives her an unconventional perspective on creating compelling consumer experiences. She is deeply invested in the holistic experience of the consumer, in making online and offline journeys into one frictionless customer journey. In her latest venture she applies this thinking to a broader canvas of spaces.

A true pioneer, she travels the world to catch critical art shows. Her contagious passioninspires excellence, innovation and action – qualities that determine the success of any space challenge. With the launch of The Space Atelier, Lisa continues to break new ground – and build works of art in uncharted spaces.